The SAMONU commission on World War II is a unique opportunity to explore hypothetical alternatives to the devastating outcome of this global conflict. The commission will specifically focus on the aftermath of the Battle of Stalingrad, a major turning point in the war, where the tide of the conflict began to turn in favor of the Allied forces. In this hypothetical scenario, an armistice has been declared, and delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and negotiate possible paths towards a lasting peace.

Delegates in the SAMONU commission on World War II will have the chance to engage in a rigorous and nuanced debate about the potential outcomes of the war. They will be encouraged to think creatively and propose innovative solutions to the complex geopolitical challenges that arise from a conflict of this magnitude. The debate will be conducted in English, providing an opportunity for delegates to practice their language skills and engage with a diverse range of perspectives from around the world.

Through this commission, delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of World War II, as well as the complex political and economic forces at play during this time. They will also have the opportunity to build critical thinking, communication, and negotiation skills, which are essential for success in any field. Overall, the SAMONU commission on World War II promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking experience, encouraging delegates to think creatively and collaboratively about the challenges facing our world today.


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Comisión en Inglés.

Temática y preguntas a abordar en la comisión

Una alternativa del desenlace de una tragedia

¿In which way can we establish mechanisms to achieve an armistice?

¿How can we establish coexistence agreements in States and societies ruled by totalitarian systems?

¿What´s necessary in order to archive a treaty of cessation and no recurrence of the war?


Gian Lucca Pirela

Co-Presidente Samanes

Daniela Camacho

Co-Presidente STJ

Gabriela Ramírez


País o DelegaciónRepresentante
Polonia Daniela Leon
Resistencia Italiana Andrés Felipe Gómez
Yugoslavia Natalia Leon
Finlandia Monserrat Roa Barreto
Reino Unido Leticia .P
ChinaTomas Triana
EgiptoGabriela Perez
Etiopía Camila Lozano
Italia Nicolás Toro Bonilla
Suiza Stefania Narváez
Union de Repúblicas Socialistas Sovieticas Sara Huerfano
Estados UnidosJerónimo Oviedo
Francia AliadaMaria Ortells
NoruegaValentina Tole
Francia Vichy Juan Felipe Jáuregui
JapónSara Rubio
Alemania(Nazi)Juan Sebastian Andrade