For centuries, wars have been fought over resources; the need for land and other basic commodities has driven all violent and deadly conflicts throughout history, and water will be no exception. As the impacts of environmental change intensify and the planet becomes drier, the battle for water will only escalate. We often think that the fight for water is merely imaginary, as it is one of the planet’s most important resources, but the truth is that the war over water has deep roots

Following the Third World War over water, the main objective of the commission would be to establish a comprehensive framework to address the critical challenges posed by water scarcity on a global scale.


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Temática y preguntas a abordar en la comisión

Revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

What contingency plans should the commission develop to respond to potential water-related crises in different regions?

Which mechanisms can be established to facilitate ongoing international cooperation in managing water resources and preventing conflicts?

What specific policies and technologies can be implemented to promote sustainable water management practices globally?


Tomas Triana


Maria Isabel Ortells

Co-Presidente STJ

Maria Alejandra Valdés


País o DelegaciónRepresentante
United States Victoria Hernandéz
ChinaAndres Gomez
India Mariana Achury
Russia Ethan Quintero
CanadaMarta Mendieta
AustraliaLucas Garcia
Japan Santiago Peña
GermanyMaria José Ospina
MexicoHallie Garcia
South Korea Sharit Guarnizo
Egypt Ana María Chávez
United KingdomValeria Wyckhuys